by: SkimanFZ1

As many of you may know, I was not happy with the stock FZ1 seat. It caused me to pivot forward, and my weight was transferred to my crotch area. Not good. The problem only seemed to occur after a longer ride. I was aware of the positive feedback on the Corbin, but they are $400. I talked to my long term riding buddy, and he told me of a fix he has performed on similar stock seats. He offered to come by and help, so I took him up on his offer. It involves removing some foam from the seat. This job is easier if there are two of you.

First we removed the seat, turned it upside down, removed approximately the front half of the staples, and peeled back the front half of the seat cover. Then, replace the seat, hold the bike level (off the stand}, and measure the slope of the front seating area with a level. Mark a line that is level on the foam with a magic marker. We measured 5/8Ē at the deepest point. Remove the seat, and mark an outline of the area to be removed. Start removing foam by cutting using an electric carving knife. Just like slicing bread, only easier. Try and keep the cut level, both front to back and side to side. Itís not necessary to be precise, you can go back as many times as you want, just donít remove too much. Once you think youíre close, put the seat back on the bike, and sit on it. Then when youíre happy, sand it smooth. We used a variable speed drill with adhesive 40 grit sand paper. Use gentle pressure, and a slow drill speed. Sweep slowly. Again, the aim is to wind up with a smooth, level seating area. Carefully round off the sides, resist the temptation to remove too much here. Now, once youíre happy, itís time to pull the seat cover back on. Start at the back, and work your way forward, stretching the cover evenly, and staple in approximately the same locations. When we were done, it looked just like new.

These pictures were taken in my driveway at night. The next day, we left on a three day, 700+ mile ride. I can verify that the fix works! The seat is not only level, but wider also. Removing the foam resulted in a slightly firmer seating area, an improvement in my opinion. No pivoting, no butt burn. I forgot that I once had a problem.

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