by: Old Man Roo


I've had this little jigger sitting in the garage for what seems like forever, and finally got around to installing it a couple of weeks ago. For those with full systems, the servo motor that actuates the EXUP valve becomes redundant, but you can't just unplug it & remove it because you'll get a tach error code. Ivan's kit fixes this problem, and is a fully reversible mod.


Contents of the kit.

Another view of the components of the kit.

View of EXUP servo motor in situ.

Undo cable tie & fan motor connector.

View of servo motor support bracket from LHS front.

View of servo motor support bracket from LH side.

Remove & unplug servo motor.

Shot of removed motor & bracket.

Another shot of removed Servo motor & parts.

Wiring harness connector disassembly 1.

Connector disassembly 2.

Connector disassembly 3.

Old connector components.

Connector disassembly 4.

Connector disassembly 5.

New connector detail.

Fitting wires to new connectors.

New 3 pin connector end detail.

Eliminator connectors end detail.


Last steps:

  1. Refit cable tie(s) and re-connect fan wire.
  2. Turn on ignition & confirm that you have no tach error.
  3. Refit tank etc per Pat's site.

I hope this helps anyone looking to do this mod.

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