by: quadrunner500

Silver FZ1 front end showing alignment pipes placement

Here's how to align your front forks for $1.50:
  1. Buy one 10' length of 1/2-inch EMT (electrical metallic tubing). You can get this at Home Depot.Upper triple clamp assembly
  2. Cut two EMT lengths approximately 3' long each.
  3. Put bike on center stand.
  4. Loosen the upper triple clamp cap nut (1). (The large chrome cap in the center. It takes a 27 mm wrench. Use a six sided wrench to help preserve the chrome finish.)
  5. Loosen the upper triple clamp pinch bolts (2) for both fork tubes.
  6. Do not loosen any bolts on the lower triple clamp.
  7. Lay one EMT section across the plastic fork tube protectors above the fender (see photograph).
  8. Slide the other EMT section above the fairing, behind the control cables and wiring bundles, in front of the fork tubes, under the ignition lock, through to the other side. The cables alone will hold the EMT snug against the fork tubes. (It should not rest on the fairing.)
  9. Stand on the foot pegs, and sight down from above. If the two EMT tubes are not on the same plane, neither are your forks! You have to adjust the triple clamps, which you already loosened, to bring them into alignment.
  10. Standing in front of the bike, hold the front tire between your knees. Pull on one fork tube while pushing on the other to rotate the upper triple clamp. It takes very little force.
  11. Once the EMT sections are aligned, tighten the stem nut hand tight.
  12. Tighten the two pinch bolts, working a little at a time from each side, until tight.
  13. Tighten the cap nut with the wrench.* Tighten the cap nut to 110Nm, (80 ft-lbs).
  14. Check your alignment again.
  15. Remove the tubing, being careful not to scratch anything.
  16. Done!

*When tightening the stem nut, the upper triple clamp (and the forks) may try to rotate out of alignment again. You may want to start with the upper triple clamp rotated slightly to the left before tightening the stem nut with the wrench, so that the triple clamp is straight when the nut is tight.

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