by: Eric Fantom

Well I finally got the chance to try out the new "Motion Pro 90 Degree Offset Driver." Let me ease everyone's mind right off the bat by saying that I really liked it. It made adjusting the mixture screws of the carbs for our FZ1 a much easier task. First let me show everyone what you get. It comes in a nice little protective tube and it is a well made machined tool. Any Tool Junkies Dream.

It comes with 4 different bits and a 1/4"-Hex-To-1/4"-Drive Bit which allows the use of any component in a 1/4" socket set.

Here are two links to photos of the actual flyer that comes with the Driver:

Flyer Number 1
Flyer Number 2

I've found by using the 1/4"-Hex-To-1/4"-Drive Bit and a 1/4" Socket with the Straight Slot Bit that it comes to the perfect height to fit all of our mixture screws.

As you'll see from these upcoming pic's that with this set up all 4 carbs are easily accessible:

Carb #1

Carb #2

The Dreaded Carb #3

The Almost Impossible Carb #4

While using the tool there is one thing that I wish Motion Pro would have done. Instead of using the slashes to show where you are on your turning revolution, I wish they would have used ascending numbers or at least put different colors on the slashes. That way you would know when you came to your half turn or full turn because instead of the same looking slashes we would have a different item and would know when we came back to the reference mark. You can however, count the clicks which is what I did. 8 clicks is a half turn and 16 is a full revolution. I may also at a later time try and get some paint pens and change the slashes to different colors or maybe even stamp some numbers on it. Back to the product. From the reference point and your initial slash, when you turn the the knob and come back to that same initial slash you have made one revolution. The other nice thing is the way that the gearing is arranged that when you turn the knob clockwise the driver is also turning clockwise. So the old lefty = loosey and righty = tighty rule still applies. The last thing I found while using this tool is their are two ways of how to adjust the mixture screws. 1) After I knew I was in the slotted screw. I would tighten it all the way up and then unscrew it to the number of turns I wanted it out (My bike runs best on 4 full turns out). 2) If I did it in a real quite place I could hear the spring tension so I knew I was turning the screw.

All and all, besides the figuring out and marking which slash you started with, I really liked the tool.

It sure beats what I was using before:

Getting to Carbs #3 & #4 before insisted on me taking the starter out and having someone on the other side telling me when I made a half or full turn because I was totally blind while doing it.

The tool allows you to you to use a variety of 6mm or 1/4" drives and includes a D-shaped pilot bit for Honda carburetors, a Phillips bit, a 1/4" drive to turn your 1/4" drive sockets, a straight slot bit and 6mm hex jet driver. The maximum torque rating is 50 lb-in.

The Part number is 08-0229. Suggested retail price is $123.90.

Motion Pro has lots of other cool tools and some other neat goodies that can help or look nice on our FZ1's also. So, CHECK THEM OUT. Thanks Motion Pro for the wonderful new tool. I give it a thumbs up.

Address any questions to Motion Pro email here.

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