by: Terry Glatz (FZSarasota)

Reviewed Product Web Site: Ivan's Performance Products

Well, Bill Jinks installed Ivan's Jet kit on my FZ1 this weekend. Only 3 Words can describe it, OH MY GOD! The bike is an animal when punched and purr's like a kitten when riding easy.

Note to all newer riders: After installing Ivan's Kit, PLEASE be very careful as to not just "grab" a hand full of throttle (Like you did with the stock FZ). The snap response, HP, and torque have been vastly improved. If you "gun" it like you did on a the stock FZ, your front wheel is going up and you may flip it. Just take a little time to get used to it before letting it rip, I would hate to see any fellow rider get hurt.

My Take On The Newly Installed Jet Kit

1. First, the materials and quality of Ivan's product is superb! When you place stock components next to Ivan's, you can clearly see the difference in workmanship. It's my opinion that his kit is a work of art. The needles are finely polished and will offer you the ultimate in performance for your FZ1.

2. Ivan's customer support is excellent, period!!! I didn't have to deal with a second hand support person reading answers from a computer screen. Ivan returned my call quickly and that's a rare thing these days. I can't tell you how many times I've waited for weeks to get a response from other manufactures when needing support (on any product, from TV's to bikes). When speaking with Ivan, he's not one who gives excuses or lick and stick solutions, he is there to help you get the job done right. His goal is to make your experience with his product trouble free, and that's what counts for me. His business sense of providing a top quality product and excellent no nonsense tech support should be the "model" in which all other manufactures and vendors do business.

3. Throttle snap is excellent. The FZ comes to life in an instant when you grab a handful. I mean, instant! A big difference over stock.

4. Mileage dropped only a tiny bit, but that's my fault, I was hammering it on the way home from Bill's (from east to west coast of Florida). Mileage will depend on how you ride it. Who cares anyway, if you want to increase performance, you have to pay a certain price. Honestly, an extra gallon or two a week (when riding hard) is well worth the performance gains from Ivan's Kit.

5. HP and Torque have been increased! You can look at other riders here with the same set up to get the numbers... I'm running the Yosh RS3 Slip-on with Ivan's "Slip-on" Jet Kit. When I can scrape up some cash I will put the FZ on the dyno and post the numbers (I have exceeded my yearly toy funds, at least my wife says so, LOL).

6. Previous (stock) vibrations are no more. The FZ is smooth as glass now.

7. HP and Torque is consistent and strong across the whole power band, I felt no dips (Ok, only when the rev limiter kicks in, LOL).

8. The FZ is even faster now. Now, I'm not going post numbers for obvious reasons. I will say that I tested the FZ1 in the middle of Florida on a long stretch of road with no one around (I don't want to risk other peoples health or life). In top gear, the FZ will max out at 10,900-11,500 RPM depending on which way the wind is blowing and how "low" you can position yourself behind the windscreen. Top speed will vary depending on the elevation of your location, ambient temperature, type of windscreen installed, the level of "tune" it's in, and your weight. However, I must say this is about as fast as the FZ1 can get without serious modifications to the suspension, frame, and front fairing. Note: This is not a Busa!!! The FZ1 can make you feel pretty horrified at these speeds (unlike the R1, GSX-R1000, or Busa). The handling of the FZ1 at it's new top speed can best be described as.... hmmm... If you even fart, the bike may shoot off the road and obliterate itself and the rider.

9. The kit is packaged in a very nice plastic 5 chamber case/box (6-1/2" Wide : 3-3/4" Deep : 1" Tall). This is great for placing all the stock needles and stuff for storage when your done with the installation.

10. I can't wipe the grin off my face!!!

Pricing of Ivan's Carb Kits. Note: Prices are subject to change without notice, please go to Ivan's Performance Products to check the current prices.

** 2001 and up FZ-1 W/ Slipon - Part # FZ-0102SO $120.00
** 2001 and up FZ-1 W/ Full Exhaust - Part # FZ-0102MB - $120.00
R1 Carb Kit - Part # R1-9800 - $120.00
YZF- R6 Carb Kit - Part # R6-9901 - $160.00
1984-1986 RZ500 Carb Kit - Part # RZ-8486MT (Master tuners kit) - $200.00
1998-1999 ZX9R Carb Kit - Part # 9R-9899 - $140.00
2000 and up ZX6R Carb Kit - Part # 6R-0001 - $120.00
2001 and up ZRX1200 Carb Kit - Part # 12RX-0001 - $130.00
2001 & up Bandit 1200 Carb Kit - Part # B12-0102...$130.00 **Promotional price until March 1, 2003 ** $65.00
2000 & up Bandit 600 Carb Kit - Part # B6-0001 - $120.00 **Promotional price until March 1, 2003 ** $65.00

A Very Special Thanks:

- Thanks to Bill Jinks for installing the kit. Without your help, I would have botched the job because of a problems with my right arm and hand. Say hello to the wife and kids for me and thank you for putting Amanda and I up for the night.

- Thanks to Ivan for dedicating his life to the pursuit of "pure performance". You make our "fast toys" even faster, smoother, and just plain insane!

- Thanks to everyone here on the FZ10A for offering help and advise, I consider all of you my extended family. You have all made my FZ ownership experience a better one.

- Lastly, I would like to thank my wife for following me on the long trip to Bill's home (In the car with all my tools just in case of trouble). She has been very tolerant and supportive of my "fast&expensive" toy habits and that's very hard to find in a wife. While she has always expressed concern for my well being, she has never told me "NO". Thank you Honey!

Photo Credits: Photo of needles were provided by Pat Glenn, please check out Pat's FZ1 Web Site for more pictures and instructions regarding the Jet Kit installation process. The FZ1 Carb Kit Box was scanned in by me (FZsarasota).
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