by: Bigworm1

I finally got around to replacing the front springs with the new ones I purchased from California Suspension Works. I must say it was a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be, but overall it was pretty easy.

Heres what I did.

1. First I removed the forks from the bike. This part was easy and self explanatory. Just take off the front wheel, front fender and a couple of allen screws and they're off. Here's a pic of the fork off.

2. Next I removed the fork cap with an impact tool. I taped up the fork cap bolt so it didn't damage it. I would recommend using a 6 point socket for this. All I had that big was a 12 point socket. No big deal.

3. Next I removed the cap and unscrewed it from the dampening rod.

4. Next I pulled out the rod that was in the middle.

5. After that I unscrewed the nut that was under the cap.

6. At this point the spring can be removed and the oil (sludge) can be dumped out. Heres a pic of the parts in order that I took off.

Its very important to pump the dampening rod up and down to make sure all the old oil comes out. I also put some fresh oil in, pumped it up and flushed it out to try and get it as clean as possible. Look at that oil.

7. After the forks are all cleaned out it's time to put some new oil in. First put in a little bit (about 2 inches worth) and pump the dampening rod up and down till you feel it fill up and start to damp. Next fill until the oil level is 5.5 inches from the top without the spring in. I made a dip stick for this and marked it at 5.5 inches.

8. After that all you need to do is put the new springs in and reassemble. I also recommend resetting the sag and dampening adjustments to account for the new springs. I was a little worried about running out of rebound dampening, but this was not an issue at all.

Overall I had fun doing the install. I could not believe how nasty the oil was. It stunk as well.

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